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We all want to be in shape, I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t want to be healthy. To build muscle and strength, or lose weight can be tough and almost impossible without a strategy or plan. I’m going to break down some key hints and tips here to get you started.

destroying the myths

getting started

I’m going to be honest now, to get anywhere in this game you’re going to need discipline. And training alone isn’t going to cut it. You need to eat a clean diet to maximise your potential whilst training at least a few times per week. With that out the way .. let’s begin!

Learn to know your limits

Remember the 'no pain, no gain' mantra that you heard constantly from people in the gym? This is true but needs to be done safely. A lot of people think they train hard, but the reality is they aren't really pushing themselves. How do you learn where your limits are? Hire a trainer, get yourself a heart rate monitor and learn what your 1 rep max is. From here you can then start to understand your limits.

Have a plan

Why do you think most people fail? They don't set themselves goals, put together an effective plan and understand how they will reach those goals.

As I've mentioned previously, this area is a minefield, no one plan fits all and should be tailored to the users medical and injury history, their goals and what type of training they want to do and feel they will stick at.

Variety in your training

Don't be that guy who only trains chest and biceps. Not only will you you look ridiculous, you will have imbalances which will lead to injury. Particularly around the shoulder area.

Having variety in your training is not only good for you (yoga, weight training, running, biking, kettle bells - the list goes on) but it will also stop you from hitting a plateau or even worse, getting bored of training which will eventually lead to you abandoning your plan.

Don't train every day!

This one will baffle newbies - Muscle is built when you rest and beginners enthusiasm while great can lead very quickly to injury by overtraining and not getting enough rest. Find a plan that is structured so that each body part that is training is given sufficient rest before you train it again.

Not only this but ensure you're getting enough sleep. Don't fall into the trap of thinking this is all about what you lift, or how much cardio you do!

multi-joint movements are king

These can be scary to beginners but they are the cornerstone of a good training plan. Learn the form, start light then get started!

Stop wasting time, let's get started now

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