The 7 Types of Graphic Design You Need to Know

Graphic design is the art of projecting ideas using text and visual content. In the world of marketing, graphic design plays a powerful role in marketing communication. There are different types of graphic design, each of which has a specific purpose.

Whether you are a budding designer or a marketing professional, it is important to know about these graphic design types. This guide tells you about the 7 types of graphic design and their applications.

7 Graphic Design Types

1. Visual identity graphic design

This design type is helping in creating the identity of a brand. Brand identity can be created using graphics that include text and images. The right blend of text, illustrations, photos, shapes, and colors can be used to create a brand’s logo. The logo helps to identify and distinguish the brand in the market.

When used effectively, this form of graphic design can help in the brand’s success. Top brands of the world have a strong visual identity that helps customers identify them. The right use of graphic design principles can help in creating a great design.

2. Marketing graphic design

This is graphic design applied for the marketing function. Graphics play an important role in the marketing and advertising activities of brands. Marketing materials like ads, brochures, and posters need to use graphics attractively to catch the attention of customers. The graphics should judiciously use headlines, text contents, backgrounds, colors, stock photos, and illustrations.

A well-designed marketing graphic can influence customer behavior. The message should be so strongly presented that a customer is tempted to make a purchase or visit the store/website. This is possible when the graphic design is creative and visually attractive

3. Packaging graphic design

This type of graphic design is used for the product itself. It is graphics used on the product box, bottle, bag, carton, etc. The packaging not only protects the product but also helps to promote the product. The packaging design needs to be distinct and attractive. It must project the visual identity of the brand and establish a unique product identity.

Packaging graphic design uses photos, images, and text to present a product in a distinctive way. The design should be one that stands out and helps customers identify the product. When the product is displayed in a store, the graphic design used should pull in customers. This calls for using creativity in the graphic design process.

4. UI graphic design

UI or User Interface Design is graphic design done for the digital medium. It is graphic design used in websites and social media platforms. There are 1000s of websites and if a user has to visit a brand’s website, it must be attractive. Website designers use graphic design to present the brand in a visually appealing way.

The use of elements like menus, buttons, screens, and background helps in creating a great visual experience. A good user interface can help in creating a great user experience. UI is also used on apps, games, etc.

5. Motion graphic design

Here graphic design is used in motion in the form of videos, animation, animated gifs, micro animation, etc. This is mainly used in the digital space. Designers need to use motion graphics to communicate the brand’s message in a powerful way.

Motion graphic design can be very effective and can help in attracting users. Eye-catching visuals, use of colors, and appropriate text can help in convincing a user that your brand has the best to offer to them. It is a popular graphic design type increasingly being used.

6. Publication of graphic design

Brands come out with publications of their own like books, reports, and magazines. They also put out ads and sponsored content in magazines and books. Publication graphic design can help in presenting their message in a powerful way.

Publications may be viewed offline or online. The principles of digital graphic design need to be blended with offline design. The graphics used must be creative and attractive enough to make people want to look at them.

7. Typography graphic design

Graphic design is not only about images, but also includes text. Typography refers to the way text is presented through the use of fonts, colors, and shapes. Typography is seen in the logos of brands. It is also seen in the headlines and content on websites, ads, and social media sites.

The product name on the package also has typography. Attractively designed text can help in strengthening the visual identity of a brand. The text used should be presented in such a way that it creates a strong impression in the mind of the user/customer.

Graphic design is an ever-evolving field. Hope this article has helped you get acquainted with the different types of graphic design.

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