Keeping the Workout-Fire Burning Bright

No matter how much you like your fitness routine, you might find you lose interest eventually. After some time, your once-reliable exercise program can begin to seem less like a routine and more like a rut. Whatever the culprit, there are ways to get yourself out of the exercise rut and build a sustainable routine.

Manage expectations

Someone who has taken a lengthy break from exercising is likely to discover they might not be able to accomplish what they used to. It is important to manage expectations and set realistic goals as you ease back into exercising after taking time off. When starting an exercise program, it is important to provide immediate rewards to yourself for when you complete your workout or meet your new fitness goals. Those who have been exercising for years and consider themselves a gym-goer have a much easier time being motivated to work out.

While exercising consistently is essential to build up stamina, build up body conditioning, and shed pounds, there is almost always a point where you need a break. What is needed is giving your body and mind the necessary rest and recuperation, whether it is taking a couple days off in-between workouts, or taking an extended time off from the gym to focus on wellness. Consider scheduling in a few active recovery days between your harder workouts, where you take some yoga, stretching, or going for a walk. Short 5-, 10-, or 15-minute bursts of activity can be highly effective – and you could even fit in all your training in a couple sessions on a weekend.

Doing a moderate-to-vigorous workout once per week can help keep up the good work while allowing you to do less regular exercising. Aim to include weight-training exercises for all the major muscle groups in your fitness routine at least twice per week. To maximize performance during training, consider adding a delicious pre-workout supplement to your regimen, taking it prior to the workout for that boost of energy needed to finish your session.

Once you get started on something small, and you feel good about it, you will want to keep going and fall back into a healthier habit. If you are looking to get started making exercising a habit again, then try taking a one-month challenge for a shorter period of time to jumpstart your routine. Understand that you are likely not going to be quite as fit as you were, and that is okay. You can start off by only doing 10 minutes per day; the goal is simply to move more.

If you find a movement type that you truly enjoy, exercising does not seem like work, and it is easier to pick right back up where you left off if you need to miss a day. Typically, I would suggest people take a couple days off of exercise every six to eight weeks, as long as you are working at a good intensity and are consistent. Not only does taking time off help alleviate stress, it also helps keep your motivation up and your focus on training in front of you. Arguably, the best part of taking your fitness journey is that it is yours; when things get tiring, you have the ability to take a break and restart.

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