How to keep up with fitness as a city slicker

Living in a city can be a great adventure. Whether you’re in London, Leeds or Manchester, the busy buzz of the city is something many of us crave. And while buying a home in the city is a great idea for investment and for cutting down the commute to work, it’s also notoriously more expensive than living a little further out. So if you’re a busy young professional living in the centre of the metropolitan hub, keeping up with your fitness can be tough, not only for the little time you may have on your hands but also the cost of memberships, personal training or gyms. So here’s a few tips and tricks to help you stay on track even if the cocktail bars across the street look a bit more tempting on Friday night than leg day.

Create a Routine

The key to success is forming daily habits that you know you can achieve and get done. Habits mean you do these things without question or without having motivation to do them which is essential for ensuring you create a sustainable routine you can stick to. Whether you live in a shared ownership apartment in West London or you’re in a studio flat in Manchester , creating a routine while having a busy lifestyle will really help you stay on track. You can do this by getting up earlier and fitting your gym session in before you start your day or scheduling meetings around your breaks so that you don’t have to compromise your time on yourself.

Apartment gyms

One of the great things about moving to a city is that you can move to an apartment building with a gym inside. With plenty of shared ownership apartments in Lewisham that offer some great facilities or flats in Ancoats that provide on-site gyms, aligning your lifestyle with your property is a great idea. Shared ownership is a great idea for moving to the city allowing you to buy a share in a property rather than the entire thing. You can buy more of it over time and with a plethora of houses to choose from, from shared ownership homes in Hampshire to city apartments in London, with a range of great facilities you can’t go wrong.

Home Workouts

Another great way you can stay in shape while working a busy city job is by scheduling yourself home workouts. If you live in a spacious flat you can always make room to fit in a yoga session or hiit workout everyday. By just giving yourself a 20 minute time slot each day providing you with a bit of elevated heart rate activity and a break from the computer, you can create healthy habits and keep up with your fitness. You don’t need a lot of equipment but if you fancy something a bit more high tech and you have the cash why not treat yourself to a peloton bike or crosstrainer for some midday cardio.

Take the stairs

Another way to stay in shape while living a fast paced lifestyle is by simply getting your steps in. Living in the city, you may not have a car and this can really benefit your overall health by having to walk more and spend a lot of time on your feet. Walking is one the best ways you can benefit your health, so by taking the stairs more often and choosing to stand up on the tube rather than sit down you could just be burning a few extra calories that’ll help you towards your goals.

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