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Hi, I’m John Carroll and I’m a fitness, nutrition and health expert with over 10 year’s experience training professional athletes and the general public. Recently I’ve taken to blogging to get my thoughts down somewhere and also to help others take their first steps to a better life. Occasionally I will let people guest blog on my site and welcome any enquiries relating to health, medicine, fitness and nutrition. Thanks for reading! 



Before I decided to become a trainer and coach, I competed in the 90kg weight division in bodybuilding competitions. Professional bodybuilding is a lonely punishing lifestyle and I decided that my focus would be better spent on both my mental and physical health. I studied and got a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. I decided that I wanted to help others reach their goals, increase their confidence and help them live a healthier and happier life.

What started with a few local clients soon expanded into working with professional athletes. I’m proud to have worked with Rugby, Football, Tennis and Athletics clubs across the UK, educating professional sportsmen and women on how to train effectively, avoid injury, employ strategies to maximise their efficiency and create a sustainable nutrition plan that more importantly is something you can stick to.


If you’re looking for a pre-made plan sadly, you’re in the wrong place. All the services I offer are entirely bespoke, I actively avoid the ‘one size fits’ all philosophy that so many other coaches employ.

How can I help you stay healthy?

My Philosophy

It’s no secret many want to change their lives, their physiques or their health, but have no way of knowing where to start. There’s so much information available, many of it contradicting the next it can be impossible for a beginner to know what’s needed. Beware of online gurus who promise you the earth but in reality deliver very little. 

My philosophy is to work holistically with a client including every aspect of their life. I believe in building a strong foundation to reach your goal. Without some essential pillars you’re doomed to failure. So when I discuss working with someone I want to look at their nutrition, how much sleep they get a night, any medical and injury history to give a training plan that works for them – There is no ‘one fits all approach’.. Everyone one of us is unique and must be assessed that way. 

You can’t make lasting changes without altering your mindset. Diet’s are temporary and will eventually fail. 

there's no better time to get started

Take your first steps to a new you

It’s never too late to achieve your health and fitness goals and there’s no better time to start than now. If you want to discuss a training, nutrition of fitness plan please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s begin today!

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