October 2021

How Do Force Transducers Work?

Among all the exercises that are available today, one of the most popular is Kegel exercises. These are a set of pelvic floor exercises which have been known to be very effective for women suffering from the problem of PCOS. It has been observed that when a woman is suffering from this disorder, her body

Fitness For Energy Flow – Getting Fit And Feeling Great

Fitness for energy flow, it may sound like a simple thing to achieve but many find it difficult because they just don’t understand exactly how their bodies work. Once you know the secrets your fitness for energy flow will be much easier. You may not believe this but over 90% of the problems you experience

Cardio Exercise – Improve Your Health and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Cardio Exercise is a great way to keep your heart healthy and strong. Aerobic exercise also helps to maintain and increase bone density. However, too much of anything can be dangerous and the same can be said for cardio. When you do too much of aerobics, your body works too hard and can become exhausted

Tai Chi For Health and Wellness

Tai Chi, also called T’ai chi ch’uean or Tài ji, sometimes colloquially called “Shaolin boxing,” is an internal Chinese self-defense art developed for both health and defense training. Tai Chi has been used by the Chinese for more than 4000 years. Today it is widely practiced in China, Hong Kong, and other Asian countries. The

New Fitness Tech For Home

So many new fitness products are hitting the market that it is hard to know which is the best one for you. You may find yourself reading an article and then trying out a new piece of equipment or fitness machine. There is a new piece of equipment coming out every other day that claims

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