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preserving-place 1170 Howell Mill Rd
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404-815-JAMS (5267)
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Where to find our products

Peachtree Road Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, from 8:30am until noon

Grant Park Farmers Market on Sundays from 9:30am until 1:30pm (we are a rotating vendor present every other week)

Westside Farmers Market http://cfmatl.org/westside/on Sundays from 10am until 2pm

Doggy Dogg Hot Dog  : Our Bread & Butter Pickle Relish is served on James Hammerl’s best in town (and beyond) hot dogs, found at his store at 310 E. Howard Avenue in Decatur and at Grant Park Farmers Market, East Atlanta Village Farmers Market,  Decatur Farmers Market, and Freedom Farmers Market, as well as at Monday Night Brewing every Monday night

TGM Bread http://www.thegeneralmuir.com/bread  We are excited that our jams are at this wonderful bakery as there is no better pairing than superlative breads and preserved fruits!  You can find them here at Emory Point, 1540 Avenue Pl, Suite B-230, Atlanta, GA 30320, phone 678-927-9131

3 Parks Wine Shop: Grant, Glenwood and Ormewood Park's neighborhood wine shop

Delta Airlines:  Linton Hopkins business class meals on selected Europen flights feature Preserving Place products.


All of our products are made by hand in small batches in our Atlanta kitchen for truly artisanal foods that provide the best, most intense flavors. We worked with Chef Virginia Willis to develop our signature recipes for updated Southern classics and most versatile condiments. We do not use high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or commercial pectin in our food.

Our jams are in a sizeable 9 ounce jar and are heavy on fresh fruit sourced from local farms. We prefer organic or Certified Naturally Grown, but we do use fruits from conventional local farms that have good growing practices.  On our jam labels you will note that the first ingredient, which is the heaviest, is always the fruit, followed by sugar and the other ingredients to add flavor. Although commercial pectin hurries up cooking, achieves more yield and guarantees a tight jell, we do not use it, as we are fine with slow cooking the old-school way.  We stir a long time to allow the sugar to caramelize into the fruit, which cooks down into an intensely flavored product with a fluffy set. The size of our jars, ingredients and the way we make it are the reasons why our jams have their cost.  Our jams are shelf stable for a year after they are made but once opened, they should be refrigerated and used within two or three months since they do not have preservatives.  Also, please treat them with more respect than common grocery store jams.  Do not introduce ingredients from other sources, namely, if you use a knife to butter toast, do not dip that same bread and butter coated knife into a Preserving Place jam to then coat on toast as that will spread those items into the jam and hasten breakdown of the food.

Our condiments such as ATL-1 Steak Sauce, Veracruz Seafood Sauce and Catsup+ are made year round and are not dependent on local ingredients.  We have to have items that we can make year round to satisfy customer demand in the leaner months, so these fit that need.

We also offer products that straddle both worlds: we make them with local ingredients for as long as we are able, and then we turn to broader sources.  This is our Sweet Onion Confit, made with Vidalia Onions for as long as we can get them, and our Bread & Butter Pickle Relish, made with local cucumbers for as long as we can get them. For both of these products, our label lets you know when we turn from local ingredients to broader ones.  Although the local products provide such delicious flavors, the nature of sweet onions and small cucumbers is such that great put ups can be made in all times of year so we take advantage of this, in order to offer these products year round.